What makes an effective
communications agency?

Strategic insights. Creative ideas. Disciplined execution.

@ Jam Communications Agency we measure our success by how well we achieve your business objectives. With a track record of successful campaigns across Australia, Asia Pacific and globally, our passionate team prides itself on being responsive, flexible and driven by results. Working as a long-term strategic partner, our collaborative approach leads to solutions that drive revenue, far beyond purely tactical responses to briefs.

It starts with strategy – what are you offering, who to and why should they care?

Next is the big idea – how will you reach them and cut through the clutter?

Then comes creative – striking design, insightful writing and integrated media.


Hand-made to an original recipe in 2003, Jam is a full service advertising and marketing communications agency that turns ideas into real results.

Marketing Communications

It’s not enough to stand out. Your marketing communications must stand up to financial scrutiny.

Jam’s proven expertise ranges from creative strategy, mainstream advertising and direct marketing to digital communications, sales collateral and video. Our rigorous creative process starts with generating a big idea to communicate your message. Then, with a channel agnostic approach, we execute the idea via whatever media channels are best targeted to your market. It’s about using creative marketing communications to produce measurable returns. That’s what we do best.

Marketing strategy

As a long-term partner, we work with you on integrated annual strategies, quarterly campaigns, data management and channel marketing. ➔

Strategic planning

Creativity is pointless without the right strategy. We ensure you hit the target with in-depth research, trend analysis and insightful campaign planning. ➔

Creative strategy

Having pinned down the business and marketing objectives, we translate strategic insights into original creative concepts and sharp messaging. ➔

Design, copywriting & production

Once the campaign’s planned, we get busy with streamlined graphic design, copywriting, print and digital production, supplier management and more. ➔

Media planning

End-to-end services from identifying the best channels to reach your market, through to production, booking, media liaison and campaign management. ➔

Measurement & reporting

Combining smart reporting tools with vast experience, we monitor campaigns to continually track budgets, optimise channels and maximise ROI. ➔

Branding Design

We don’t just create your new brand. 
We unearth it, define it and bring it to life.

Branding design is not about a polished veneer and a shiny logo. It’s about getting to the core of what your business really stands for, what differentiates you from the competition and how you connect emotionally and rationally with your customers. Jam has defined new identities for start-ups and reinvigorated established brands with strategy, design, content, messaging and personality. The result is an authentic brand that becomes a valuable long-term asset. Who do you think you are?

Brand strategy

Our unique Brand Director process covers all elements from research and market positioning through to visual identity, voice and brand culture. ➔

Brand identity

Create a striking visual identity including logo design, colour palette and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all customer touch points. ➔

Brand voice

Walk the talk with an authentic tone of voice across all marketing and customer communications, and give your staff the tools to express the brand. ➔

Brand management

As brand custodians, we keep your brand in full health with creative reviews and brand audits to track defined metrics and recommend enhancements. ➔

Customer engagement

Attract your ideal customers with intelligently planned and managed integrated campaigns, sponsorship strategies and brand activation programs. ➔

Staff engagement

Staff engagement
Get your people on the same page with training, internal brand tools, practical guidelines, templates and inspiring staff activation programs. ➔

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has transformed the industry.
 But communication fundamentals stay the same.

No longer just another channel, digital media is now at the heart of marketing. Yes, digital marketing includes mobile, tablets, search, apps, social, web and more, but it’s not about the technology. Results still rely on sound strategy, creative insights and disciplined execution to reach your target audience in the right environment. With an experienced in-house team, and a crew of tech specialists on call, Jam stays ahead of the digital marketing trends to deploy the best technology to achieve your goals.

Digital strategy

As a trusted advisor we map your place on the digital landscape, identify opportunities and prepare a long-term strategic roadmap for digital success. ➔

Digital marketing campaigns

Centred on an innovative creative concept, we execute integrated campaigns spanning websites, display, search, content, mobile, social and more. ➔

Web development

With an experienced tech team and proven processes, Jam has a long track record of delivering quality and cost-effective digital projects fast and efficiently. ➔

Design & usability

Melding design with functionality and creative copy with business insights, we strike the right balance between art and analysis to deliver real ROI. ➔


From easy-to-manage catalogue sites to complex transaction-based sites and mobile sales tools, Jam can get your digital revenue flowing. ➔

Measurement & optimisation

Using ongoing reporting, dynamic content, real-time optimisation and channel management, we take accountability for making your investment add up. ➔

Content marketing

Show them, don’t tell them.
Attract the right customers with content marketing.

Social media, blogs, reviews, comparison apps, demos, videos and rapidly changing buying behaviours are forcing businesses to demonstrate their value to prospects before they buy. This can be achieved by sharing valuable information, insights and expertise online. With proven experience in content marketing, Jam can collaborate with you to create new content, repackage existing content and prepare a regular publishing program to help you win business by positioning you as the thought leader in your field.

Content strategy

Engagement? Reputation? Traffic? Sales? The first step in any successful content marketing strategy is defining clear and measurable objectives. ⇒

Content creation

Whitepapers, videos, newsletters, webcasts, reports, apps, posts, tweets, blogs… we turn your intellectual property into valuable and shareable content. ➔

Content transformation

Printed collateral into interactive eBooks, dry research into digital infographics, we can repackage existing material into dynamic social content.➔

Content publishing

Amplify your messages by integrating content marketing tactics across existing campaigns, events, social channels and all customer communications.➔

Social media marketing

Build communities around your brand. 
A strategic approach to social media marketing.

Embracing social media marketing can be like opening a can of worms. That’s why it’s critical to question why you need to be on social media and which platforms are relevant. Whether you manage it in-house, externally or collaboratively, Jam can help you design your long-term social media strategy, or get started with a carefully managed campaign. We can help you grow your social networks by creating relevant content, promoting dialogue, monitoring feedback and driving traffic to your online assets.

Social media strategy

Why, where and how… we help you grasp the social media opportunity and develop a cohesive plan to reach, engage and grow your community. ➔

Community creation

Full social set up from analysing where your target market lives, selecting the right channel(s), visual design, identity creation and management plans. ➔

Content development

Using a considered content strategy, we’ll generate a stream of engaging posts, videos, games, competitions plus more, and proactively nurture activity. ➔

Community management

Across your own and third party channels, we can research and monitor brand engagement to moderate community activity and respond to shifting sentiment. ➔

Analysis & optimisation

Once your community is thriving, we conduct regular audits and analysis to boost engagement, integrate with existing marketing and maximise your influence. ➔