Marketing Communications

It’s not enough to stand out. Your marketing communications must stand up to financial scrutiny.

Jam’s proven expertise ranges from creative strategy, mainstream advertising and direct marketing to digital communications, sales collateral and video. Our rigorous creative process starts with generating a big idea to communicate your message. Then, with a channel agnostic approach, we execute the idea via whatever media channels are best targeted to your market. It’s about using creative marketing communications to produce measurable returns. That’s what we do best.

Marketing strategy

As a long-term partner, we work with you on integrated annual strategies, quarterly campaigns, data management and channel marketing. ➔

Strategic planning

Creativity is pointless without the right strategy. We ensure you hit the target with in-depth research, trend analysis and insightful campaign planning. ➔

Creative strategy

Having pinned down the business and marketing objectives, we translate strategic insights into original creative concepts and sharp messaging. ➔

Design, copywriting & production

Once the campaign’s planned, we get busy with streamlined graphic design, copywriting, print and digital production, supplier management and more. ➔

Media planning

End-to-end services from identifying the best channels to reach your market, through to production, booking, media liaison and campaign management. ➔

Measurement & reporting

Combining smart reporting tools with vast experience, we monitor campaigns to continually track budgets, optimise channels and maximise ROI. ➔