Social media marketing

Build communities around your brand. 
A strategic approach to social media marketing.

Embracing social media marketing can be like opening a can of worms. That’s why it’s critical to question why you need to be on social media and which platforms are relevant. Whether you manage it in-house, externally or collaboratively, Jam can help you design your long-term social media strategy, or get started with a carefully managed campaign. We can help you grow your social networks by creating relevant content, promoting dialogue, monitoring feedback and driving traffic to your online assets.

Social media strategy

Why, where and how… we help you grasp the social media opportunity and develop a cohesive plan to reach, engage and grow your community. ➔

Community creation

Full social set up from analysing where your target market lives, selecting the right channel(s), visual design, identity creation and management plans. ➔

Content development

Using a considered content strategy, we’ll generate a stream of engaging posts, videos, games, competitions plus more, and proactively nurture activity. ➔

Community management

Across your own and third party channels, we can research and monitor brand engagement to moderate community activity and respond to shifting sentiment. ➔

Analysis & optimisation

Once your community is thriving, we conduct regular audits and analysis to boost engagement, integrate with existing marketing and maximise your influence. ➔